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Apple At A 



Apple At A Glance is designed 
to give you a brief look at the 
extensive selection of hard- 
ware, software, and peripheral 
products manufactured and 
marketed by Apple. 

More than 400,000 people now 
own Apple personal compu- 
ters and use them in business, 
education, industry, and the 
home. They're discovering how 
Apple systems can expand 
their horizons, while making 
their lives more productive. 

An Apple computer can change 
how you live and work, too. 
No bigger than a typewriter, an 
Apple system packs more 
processing power than many 
large computers did just a few 
years ago. And you can use an 
Apple computer without any 
special training or knowledge 
of programming. Thousands of 
ready-to-run programs — the 
largest selection in the indus- 
try — let you put your computer 
to work right away. 

For additional information, visit 
your full-support Apple dealer, 
who can propose customized 
solutions to your personal 
computer needs. Authorized 
Apple dealers carry a complete 
line of product literature, in- 
cluding Apple In Depth, the 
Special Delivery Software cata- 
log, and individual data sheets 
that explain in detail the prod- 
ucts described on the following 

The Apple II Personal 
Computer System 

The Apple II is a powerful 
problem-solving tool that's 
been designed to make your 
working time more productive, 
your learning time more excit- 
ing, and your leisure time 
more entertaining and creative. 
With 48K bytes of internal 
memory capacity, it allows you 
to perform a wide range of 
sophisticated tasks, from pro- 
gramming to text editing to 
financial modeling. 

Whether you use your Apple II 
in your office, classroom, labo- 
ratory, or home, you'll be im- 
pressed with its powerful built- 
in capabilities, including high- 
resolution and color graphics, 
as well as sound-generating 
features. Eight accessory ex- 
pansion slots allow you to con- 
nect the Apple II to a wide 
variety of peripheral devices. 

DOS 3.3, the Apple II operat- 
ing system, allows you to take 
full advantage of the Apple 
Disk II Floppy Disk Subsystem. 
It automatically keeps track 
of files, saves and retrieves in- 
formation on diskette, dynami- 
cally allocates diskette space 
(maximizing diskette capacity) 
and performs a variety of other 
"housekeeping" chores. 

The Apple /// Personal 
Computer System 

The Apple /// is a powerful 
desktop computer system de- 
signed to meet the complex 
application needs of man- 
agers, financial planners, pro- 
grammers, and scientists. 
Available with either 128K or 
256K bytes of internal memory, 
it gives professionals the re- 
sults they need quickly, whether 
they're forecasting, perform- 
ing word processing, plotting 
financial data, developing soft- 
ware, or printing out reports. 

Standard Apple /// features 
include: a built-in, 140K-byte 
flexible disk drive; a sculp- 
tured keyboard for maximum 
typing speed and accuracy; 
a calculator-style numeric 
keypad; built-in RS-232C and 
Silentype printer interfaces; 
four accessory slots that make 
system expansion easy and 
economical; and an emulation 
mode that allows you to run 
most programs that run on the 
Apple II. 

The Apple /// Sophisticated 
Operating System (SOS) 

is a powerful software interface 
that allows you to take advan- 
tage of the Apple ///'s advanced 
system capabilities. With SOS, 
you don't need to worry about 
most internal system functions, 
such as which disk drive con- 
tains a file, which bank of mem- 
ory is being used, or which slot 
a peripheral interface card 
occupies. These and other func- 
tions are all controlled auto- 
matically by SOS. 

Apple II Applications 

The Controller is a compre- 
hensive small business ac- 
counting system consisting of 
Accounts Receivable, Accounts 
Payable, and General Ledger 
modules that offers a quick 
and effective alternative to 
manual bookkeeping. 

Apple II Business Graphics 

lets you transform any numeri- 
cal data into a wide range of 
easy-to-understand charts and 
graphs. Curve fitting — one of 
its powerful statistical analysis 
features — can help make fore- 
casting a breeze. 

Senior Analyst is a powerful, 
easy-to-use corporate finan- 
cial tool that facilitates data 
analysis and data sharing by 
allowing users to create and 
consolidate a wide variety of 
models. It will automatically 
generate formal reports and 
documented assumptions. 

The BPI Business Account- 
ing System consists of indi- 
vidually available General 
Ledger, Accounts Receivable, 
Inventory Control, Payroll, and 
Job Cost packages that inter- 
face with one another to pro- 
vide users with as much or as 
little accounting capability as 
they need. 

Plan80 is a versatile modeling 
tool for financial planning and 
analysis that allows you to 
create budget and planning 
models, profit and loss reports, 
cash flow projections, forecasts. 

Apple Writer (version 1.1) 
turns the Apple II into a power- 
ful text editor that allows you 
to compose, revise, edit, and 
print letters, reports, memos — 
any kind of document — quickly 
and accurately. 

Apple Writer II gives you the 
same capabilities as Apple 
Writer 1.1, plus it offers sophis- 
ticated word processing fea- 
tures, including paragraph and 
column tabulation, underlining, 
automatic print formatting, and, 
when the Apple II is equipped 
with a Sup'RTerminal board, an 
80-character-per-line screen. 

Goodspell is a fast, reliable 
spelling verification system for 
use with Apple Writer text files 
that helps you safeguard 
against misspellings and rid 
your copy of embarrassing 
typographical errors. 

Script II allows you to format 
any text written using the Apple 
Pascal Editor. With it, you can 
designate line spacing, mar- 
gins, and page breaks; pagi- 
nate using headers or footers; 
underline; center-, left-, and 
right-justify text, and more. 

Apple Plot allows you to con- 
vert any numerical informa- 
tion — caloric intake, miles per 
gallon, budget information, 
sales activities — into highly 
detailed charts and graphs. 

Apple Post is a mailing list 
system that enables you to en- 
ter, edit, store, and print names, 
addresses, and telephone 
numbers — up to 500 records 
per single diskette. 

Formulex lets you design data 
entry screens to match your 
business forms (shipping or- 
ders, invoices, questionnaires, 
etc.) so you can consolidate 
paperwork details into a com- 
prehensive data system. 

Order Tracking System 

enables independent sales 
professionals to calculate com- 
missions, maintain monthly 
sales reports, analyze sales 
effectiveness, and keep tabs on 
principal revenue generators. 

Comm-Pac allows your Apple 
II, when equipped with a D.C. 
Hayes Micromodem,™ to com- 
municate with other com- 
puters, timesharing systems, 
networks, newswires, and 
more. It offers "auto-dial" and 
"auto-logon" features. 

The Dow Jones Series 
Portfolio Evaluator lets you 
store and update approxi- 
mately 100 individual portfolios 
of up to 50 stocks each on a 
single diskette. It also permits 
you to access stock quotes 
for thousands of companies 
using the Dow Jones News/ 
Retrieval Service by connecting 
your Apple II to a telephone 
equipped with a modem. 

The Dow Jones News & 
Quotes Reporter allows 
users to retrieve over telephone 
lines past and current news 
stories and headlines from the 
Dow Jones News/Retrieval 
Service, The Wall Street Jour- 
nal, Barron's, as well as quota- 
tions for more than 6000 
securities traded on the major 
stock exchanges. 

Micro-Courier™ is an elec- 
tronic mail program that allows 
you to transmit and receive 
messages, reports, corre- 
spondence—any informa- 
tion — to and from other Apple 
computers, minicomputers, 
and timesharing systems. It can 
handle your communications 
automatically day or night over 
standard telephone lines. 

Micro-Telegram™ lets your 
modem-equipped Apple II 
access Western Union™ serv- 
ices worldwide. With it, you can 
send Mai I grams,™ send and 
receive TWX,™ Telex,™ inter- 
national cables, and much, 
much more. 

APM is a CPM (Critical Path 
Management), or "network 
analysis" program that allows 
you to organize hundreds of 
work activities into a single net- 
work of interrelated tasks. 
Based on time estimates you 
assign each task, the program 
computes the succession of 
deadlines that must be met for 
your work to finish according 
to plan. 

Datatree™ is a powerful, easy- 
to-use file management system 
that lets you format and main- 
tain a wide variety of data, in- 
cluding client lists, mailing lists, 
patient records, and inventories. 

VisiCalc™ Real Estate Tem- 
plates enables property man- 
agers, brokers, realtors, and 
speculators to automate time- 
consuming property analyses. 
It also features options useful 
for projecting cash flows and 
estimating income tax 

Agenda Files is an easy-to- 
use calendar filing system that 
allows you to schedule ap- 
pointments and special occa- 
sions until the end of the 20th 

Circuit Analysis lets you 
modify and improve the AC or 
DC circuits you design to meet 
your specifications — without 
picking up a soldering iron. 

Topographic Mapping 

allows you to present topo- 
graphic information with three- 
dimensional realism. You can 
create seven different types of 
video displays on your Apple 
system, all from a single set 
of data. 

Stepwise Multiple Regres- 
sion, designed especially for 
the professional researcher, 
consists of 11 statistical analy- 
sis programs on a single mas- 
ter diskette — five for data 
management, four for calcula- 
tions and reporting results, 
and two for system integration. 

Pascal Animation Tools 

allows you to develop distinc- 
tive fonts of graphic shapes, 
then string them together in 
sequences that mimic move- 
ment. You can build a library of 
shapes that can be accessed 
quickly and reused in new ani- 
mations. This program works 
only with Pascal 1.0. 

PILOT Animation Tools, 

used in conjunction with the 
Apple PILOT Author System, 
allows teachers to add anima- 
tion to courseware in order to 
illustrate important points, 
dramatize concepts and princi- 
ples, and to capture students' 

Designer's Toolkit lets you 
use the Apple Graphics Tablet 
to generate detailed graphics 
for mapping, architecture, 
drafting — anything you would 
use a drafting table for. 

Personal Finance Manager 

is an easy-to-use family budget 
management program that 
helps you keep better records 
of expenditures, analyze your 
spending patterns, validate 
checkbook statements, and 
maintain tax records. 

Hand Holding BASIC will 
give anyone just beginning to 
learn the BASIC language a 
clear understanding of how its 
commands, statements, and 
other features work together to 
form programs. If you already 
know BASIC, this program will 
help improve your program- 
ming and debugging abilities. 

Diet Analysis helps you ana- 
lyze your diet for carbohy- 
drates, calories, and protein, as 
well as for 21 vitamins, min- 
erals, and other components, 
such as saturated fats and 
fiber. It allows you to monitor 
your diet easily and accurately 
on an Apple computer. 

Bridge Tutor can teach nov- 
ices and experienced players 
all the tricks of better bridge, 
beginning with the basics and 
building to tournament-level 

"The World's Greatest 
Blackjack Program" turns 
your Apple computer into a 
home blackjack casino com- 
plete with built-in dealer and 
opponents. It teaches basic 
blackjack strategy, a sophisti- 
cated card-counting system, 
and contains practice drills to 
help you learn advanced play- 
ing techniques. 

Artist Designer takes advan- 
tage of the Apple computer's 
superb graphics capabilities, 
allowing you to "draw" and 
"paint" virtually any color com- 
position you wish using your 
color monitor or color TV 
screen as a "canvas." 

Speed Reader consists of 
challenging drills and exer- 
cises that can help you double 
— even triple — your reading 
speed, and increase your com- 
prehension in the process. 

Apple Music Theory, de- 
signed to teach music funda- 
mentals to children as well as 
adults, uses the Apple comput- 
er's sound and graphics capa- 
bilities to generate musical 
tones and display sheet music 
on the video screen. 

Musicomp provides an elec- 
tronic music sheet that lets 
you compose, arrange, store, 
and play your very own tunes 
using your Apple II. 

Geometry & Measurement 
Drill & Practice, recom- 
mended for students in junior 
high school and up, tests users 
on areas, perimeters, lengths, 
angles, polygons, volumes, and 

Math Strategy/Spelling 
Strategy are two separate 
programs offering self-paced 
instruction that teach young- 
sters how to use the "Mind's 
Eye" to sharpen math and 
spelling skills. 

Elementary, My Dear Apple 

is a collection of four challeng- 
ing, entertaining programs 
designed to help youngsters 
nine years of age and older to 
learn spelling, arithmetic con- 
cepts, and to sharpen problem- 
solving skills. 

The Shell Games offers 
youngsters brain-teasing multi- 
ple choice, matching, and 
true-false quizzes on a wide 
variety of subjects. Using the 
Shell Games Editor, parents 
and teachers can create new 
quizzes of their own. 

Magic Spells is a colorful ed- 
ucational game for home and 
school use designed to de- 
velop children's spelling skills. 
An easy-to-use editor allows 
anyone to add new words. 

Moptown offers children four 
years of age and up 1 1 excit- 
ing and colorful logic games 
that help sharpen conceptual 
and reasoning skills. 

Apple HOW TO! is a collection 
of four interactive programs 
designed to teach math and 
computer literacy principles. 

Discovery Games from 
Children's Television Work- 
shop software, a series of four 
individually available program 
diskettes, offers educational 
games aimed at children four 
years of age and up. The pro- 
grams help children increase 
language and logical thinking 
skills; they also enhance crea- 
tivity and develop problem- 
solving skills. 

Supermap is an easy-to-use, 
entertaining program that 
teaches children about the 
state capitals and geography 
of the continental United 

Apple Adventure will keep 
you mesmerized for hours 
avoiding monsters and wan- 
dering through an underground 
maze as you push on toward 
the 350-point Grand Master 

Apple Stellar Invaders bom- 
bard you from above — if any 
reach the ground or blast your 
tank five times, the game is over. 
Zap the invaders out of the ozone 
before they annihilate you! 

Galactic Wars is a game of 
strategy and skill: as both com- 
mander and warrior, you'll posi- 
tion baseships, build your fleet 
of fighter craft, try to outshoot 
your opponent in battle, and 
establish your supremacy in 
the galaxy. 

The Wreck of the B.S.M. 
Pandora is a science-fiction 
adventure game in which you 
work with fellow crew members 
to repair the craft while warding 
off attacks by alien creatures. 

Apple Bowl is a bowling alley 
simulation that lets you bowl 
non-stop to your heart's content. 

Apple /// Applications 

Apple Writer/// lets you cre- 
ate, edit, format, and print a 
wide range of documents 
quickly and accurately. It offers 
the sophisticated features 
professionals look for in a word 
processing system: paragraph 
and column tabulation, under- 
lining, automatic print formatting, 
80-character-per-line upper/ 
lower case display and more. 

Quick File /// is an easy-to- 
use information management 
package that helps you organ- 
ize small-to-medium-sized col- 
lections of details such as 
address lists, appointment cal- 
endars, expense reports, and 
investments. With it, you enter 
the information on forms you 
design, arrange them in the 
order of your choice, and gen- 
erate personalized reports 
and mailing labels. 

VisiCalc /// is a powerful 
"electronic spreadsheet" for 
modeling and forecasting that 
virtually eliminates calculator, 
pencil, and paper in develop- 
ing financial plans and analyz- 
ing results. It allows you to 
examine "What if?" questions 
without having to perform tire- 
some recalculations. 

Mail List Manager allows you 
to store, sort, edit, and print 
mailing labels and phone lists 
in their entirety, or selectively by 
ZIP code, name, or any user- 
defined field. A single diskette 
(containing as many as 960 
six-line entries) can be sorted 
in less than two minutes. 

Apple /// Business Graphics 

lets you transform any numeri- 
cal data into a wide range of 
easy-to-understand charts and 
graphs. Curve-fitting — one of 
its powerful statistical analysis 
features — can help make fore- 
casting a breeze. 

Script /// allows you to format 
any text written using the Apple 
/// Pascal Editor. With it, you can 
designate line spacing, mar- 
gins, and page breaks; pagi- 
nate using headers or footers; 
underline; center-, left-, and 
right-justify text; and more. 

Senior Analyst /// is a power- 
ful, easy-to-use corporate finan- 
cial tool that facilitates data 
analysis and data sharing by 
allowing users to create and 
consolidate a wide variety of 
models. With it, you can gener- 
ate documented assumptions 
and formal reports. 

Product Training Paks, 

tutorials that teach you how to 
use VisiCalc///, Apple /// Busi- 
ness Graphics, Mail List Man- 
ager, and Apple Writer /// are 
also available at you dealer. 

Apple II Languages 
and Utilities 

Apple Pascal is a fully inte- 
grated software development 
environment that incorporates 
an Apple II adaptation of the 
UCSD Pascal Operating Sys- 
tem with enhancements for 
color graphics, sound genera- 
tion, and Apple's special input/ 
output features. It is the lan- 
guage of choice for large busi- 
ness, scientific, and educational 

Apple Logo is a program lan- 
guage designed to make com- 
puters accessible as tools for 
learning and to make program- 
ming easy for students of all 
ages. Its use encourages the 
development of good program- 
ming habits and problem- 
solving skills. 

Apple PILOT is a powerful, 
easy-to-use courseware devel- 
opment system designed for 
computer-assisted instruction. 
Graphics editor, sound effects 
editor, and a character set edi- 
tor allow authors to incorporate 
words, pictures and sounds 
in their lessons. 

Apple Co-PILOT is an inter- 
active tutorial designed to 
bring first-time users of Apple 
PILOT quickly up to speed in 
creating computer-assisted 

Apple SuperPILOT offers in- 
dustrial trainers and educators 
all the advantages of Apple 
PILOT plus a set of powerful, 
new courseware development 
capabilities, including a 64K 
memory environment, faster 
execution, various options for 
color, character size, control of 
external video devices, and 
"turtle" graphics for discovery 

SuperPILOT Log is a student 
record-keeping and analysis 
program for use with Super- 
PILOT lessons. A manual entry 
capability also allows the pro- 
gram to be used as a "grade 
book" for non-computer-based 

Apple FORTRAN is a power- 
ful programming language 
especially suitable for mathe- 
matics, engineering, and scien- 
tific applications. It provides the 
sophisticated FORTRAN user 
with the capability to develop 
new — and modify existing — 
FORTRAN programs on an 
Apple computer. 

CIS COBOL™ is a powerful, 
CP/M-based implementation of 
COBOL that allows Apple II 
users to create and modify 
business applications software. 
The Forms-2™ utility enables 
you to quickly generate pro- 
grams to handle screen input 
and to load data to files. 

The DOS Tool Kit is a collec- 
tion of programs and subrou- 
tines designed to aid the Apple 
II user in the development of 
Applesoft BASIC and 6502 As- 
sembly Language programs. 

Applegraphics II is a collec- 
tion of high-resolution graphics 
programs and procedures for 
Pascal and FORTRAN pro- 
grammers that simplifies 
graphics programming and ex- 
pands the graphics capabili- 
ties of the Apple II. 

Paralax is a collection of 
graphics utilities that lets you 
develop and manipulate high- 
resolution shapes for Applesoft 
BASIC programs. 

Apple Pascal 






Apple /// Languages 
and Utilities 

Apple Business BASIC is 

one of the most powerful ver- 
sions of BASIC ever developed 
for a personal computer. It in- 
corporates a number of innova- 
tive features — including a 
huge, 70K-byte workspace in a 
128K system — that can be 
used to satisfy some of the 
most demanding business and 
scientific programming needs. 

Apple /// Pascal is a fully inte- 
grated software development 
environment that incorporates 
an Apple /// adaptation of the 
UCSD Pascal™ Operating 
System with Apple Ill's Sophis- 
ticated Operating System. It is 
the language of choice for 
large business, scientific, and 
educational programs. 

Apple /// Record Process- 
ing Services (RPS) is a multi- 
keyed file access method 
that handles data storage and 
retrieval on the record level. 
It facilitates sophisticated pro- 
gram development by enabling 
Pascal programmers to store 
and access data by key values 
and by providing both direct 
and indexed sequential access 
to files. 

COBOL III is a complete 
system for compiling, testing, 
debugging, and executing 
standard COBOL programs. It 
includes a powerful Animator 
source-level debugger and 
meets GSA certification at the 
high intermediate level. 

The Apple III Pascal Utility 
Library speeds program de- 
velopment by eliminating time- 
consuming writing, testing, 
and debugging of commonly 
used procedures. It offers the 
experienced programmer a 
set of solutions to problems 
frequently encountered in user 
input validation, disk file han- 
dling, report generation, and 
screen display. 

l immwiimum^mmmmmmm mmmsmmmaaum 

Apple II & Apple/// 

The Apple Disk II Floppy 
Disk Subsystem increases 
the capability of your Apple II 
through the use of flexible, or 
"floppy" disks for data storage. 
Expanded memory capacity 
greater data retrieval speed, 
and random access to your 
stored data are all made avail- 
able through the Disk II 

The Apple Disk /// floppy disk 
drive allows you to increase 
the data storage capacity of 
your Apple/// as your needs 
expand. The Apple/// accepts 
up to three external Disk///s in 
addition to its built-in drive. 

The Apple Silentype Printer 

is a quiet, compact thermal 
graphics printer. With a few 
simple keystrokes, you can 
change margins and line spac- 
ing, specify printing intensity, 
and print finely detailed charts 
and graphs using your Apple 
II or Apple///. 

The Qume Sprint 5™ Daisy- 
wheel Printer is a fully-formed 
character impact printer that 
generates documents of better- 
than-typewriter quality at an 
average speed of 45 charac- 
ters per second. It works with 
any Apple II or Apple /// in 
applications ranging from 
word processing to business 

Monitor /// is a custom- 
designed video display device 
for Apple /// systems that is 
also ideally suited for use with 
the Apple II. Its 12-inch screen 
produces sharp, highly reada- 
ble, 80-character by 24-line 
text and high-resolution graph- 
ics. It is available in green or 
black and white screen types. 

ProFile is a 5 1 /4-inch, Win- 
chester technology hard disk 
for the Apple ///. It dramatically 
increases the Apple Ill's on- 
line storage capacity to 5 mil- 
lion bytes, allowing you to 
safely store in one location in- 
formation that would fill 35 
floppy diskettes. Included is a 
bootable diskette that enables 
files to be backed up by a 
variety of user-defined options. 

The Apple Graphics Tablet 

is a versatile electronic medium 
for creating computer graphics 
and computer pictures. It lets 
you use your Apple II to develop 
and display block diagrams, 
architectural renderings, logic 
diagrams, schematics, mechan- 
ical shapes — even fine art. 

The Apple II Stand is a low- 
cost way to integrate your 
Apple II and monitor and at the 
same time gain easy access 
into the computer system. 

Hand Controllers are 

precision-built game paddles 
for relaxing and competitive 
game enjoyment. Each control- 
ler can be comfortably hand- 
held while moving the cursor 
and depressing the large firing 

The Joystick II is a high- 
quality input device that gives 
you real X-Y coordinate com- 
mand of the cursor, with two 
precision firing switches. Use 
Joystick II for those games 
testing two-dimensional control 
skills on your Apple II. 

The Numeric Keypad is a 

standard 10-key pad for the 
Apple II, with built-in fuctions 
for addition, subtraction, multi- 
plication, division, and paren- 
thesis. For VisiCalc users, there 
are special keys for entering 
data, deleting entries, and mov- 
ing the cursor in four directions. 

Cursor /// is a powerful X-Y 
control system for the Apple /// 
computer, with two precision 
firing switches. Use Cursor/// 
for games, graphics develop- 
ment, and other applications. 

Expansion Options 

The Apple II Super Serial 
Card allows Apple II comput- 
ers to exchange data with other 
computers, modems, printers, 
terminals, and accessories, 
employing a bi-directional 
RS-232C interface in serial for- 
mat (one bit at a time). It fea- 
tures an on-board switch that 
lets you operate either a printer 
or modem port. 

The Parallel Interface Card 

allows you to generate text 
with your Apple II using a vari- 
ety of parallel-interfaced print- 
ers. The user can select inter- 
face characteristics via seven 
card-resident switches, elimi- 
nating the need to wire config- 
uration blocks. The card can 
also function as a general pur- 
pose input/output port. 

The Apple IEEE-488 Inter- 
face Card enables the Apple II 
to be used to program and 
operate virtually any test, 
measurement, or control instru- 
ment that is bus-compatible 
with the IEEE-488 interface 
standard. The card simplifies 
design and implementation of 
complex instrument systems. 

The Apple/// Universal Par- 
allel Interface Card lets you 
attach a variety of parallel- 
mode printers — including most 
dot matrix models, plus some 
thermal and daisywheel units 
—to the Apple ///. The UPI card 
is able to control your printer 
directly from Apple /// soft- 
ware, and is compatible with all 
Apple II software running in 
emulation mode. The UPI Card 
can also be used with equip- 
ment other than printers, func- 
tioning as a general purpose 
input/output interface. 

The Apple Language Card 

expands the capabilities of the 
48K Apple II by increasing its 
internal memory to 64K bytes. 
Users interested in creating 
larger financial models, for ex- 
ample, will benefit from the 
additional memory space. The 
card also allows you to have 
both Applesoft and Integer 
BASICS available at one time 
in your system. 

The 256K Upgrade Kit is a 

plug-in board that allows you to 
expand your 128K Apple /// 
to a 256K system without losing 
expansion slot space. The 
192K of addressable memory 
made available by the upgrade 
is especially useful for pro- 
grammers, as well as for pro- 
fessionals interested in creating 
large financial models. 

Apple SoftCard /// system 
allows your Apple /// to take 
advantage of the wide variety 
of CP/M Z-80 based applica- 
tion software. Consisting of a 
plug-in Z-80 microprocessor 
circuit board, four manuals, two 
diskettes (including the CP/M 
operating system, Microsoft 
BASIC and PIP utilities) the 
SoftCard /// system dramati- 
cally increases the amount of 
software available for your 
Apple ///. 

The Integer BASIC Firm- 
ware Card provides Apple II 
Plus users access to a variety 
of programs written in Integer 
BASIC. It contains hardware 
and software controls that allow 
it to electrically replace the 
existing Applesoft BASIC firm- 
ware in Apple II Plus computers. 

The Apple II Hobby/Proto- 
typing Card and the Apple/// 
OEM Prototyping Card are 

modular-printed circuit cards 
on which you can build custom 
interfaces for the Apple II and 
the Apple ///. They accommo- 
date most integrated circuits 
and components, and have 
built-in facilities for attaching a 
variety of edge connectors 
and switches to your circuits. 

D.C. Hayes Micromodem is a trademark of 
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. 
Micro-Courier and Micro-Telegram are trade- 
marks of Microcom, Inc. 
Datatree is a trademark of Arizona Computer 
Systems, Inc. 

Western Union, Mailgram, TWX, and Telex are 
trademarks of Western Union. 

VisiCalc is the registered trademark of 


CIS COBOL and Forms-2 are trademarks of 

Micro Focus, Inc. 

Sprint 5 is a trademark of Qume Corp. 

UCSD Pascal is a trademark of the Regents 

of The University of California. 

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Regional Sales Offices 

Northern CA, Northern NV 

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(503) 682-3544 

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Newport Beach, CA 92660 
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700 Office Parkway 

Suite 27 

St. Louis, MO 63141 


MN, ND, SD, Wl, North IL 

Two Crossroads of Commerce 
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 

West PA, Pittsburgh 

9916 Carver Drive 
Cincinnati, OH 45242 

NY, North NJ, Manhattan, 
Long Island 

1 Penn Plaza, Suite 1620 
New York, NY 10119 
(212) 736-6680 



Westboro, MA 01581 


East PA, South NJ 

Clark Building, Suite 220 
5565 Sterrett Place 
Columbia, MD 21044 


245 Perimeter Center Parkway 
Suite 400 
Atlanta, GA 30346 
(404) 396-7643 


Apple Canada Inc. 
857 Don Mills Road 
Don Mills, Ontario M3C1V9 



; gg8mmEmm 

apple computer 

20525 Mariani Avenue 

Cupertino, California 95014 


TLX 171-576